Total Gun Service, LLC is a full service gunsmith company focused on top quaility service and repairs for all firearms! Below are just a few of the services we offer. Total Gun Service, LLC treats your firearm as if it were our own...that's our promise to you. 


You can trust Total Gun Service, LLC to service or repair your firearm with our expert gunsmiths. Our gunsmiths have the experience, knowledge and the latest training! 


Total Gun Service, LLC is also a licensed firearms manufacturer!!! We are your total gunsmith service. Give us a call today...



Total Gun Service offers one of the most comprehensive firearm cleanings you will ever see! Your firearm will be completely disassembled and cleaned part by part . Additionally, each part will be inspected and tested for safety. Lastly, we conduct a function check to ensure proper operation of your firearm. We stand behind our work and will deliver a top quality cleaning.


Bore Service is one of the most vital procedures you can do to your firearm. Our Professional Bore Service will improve the accuracy of your firearm, which will improve it's overall performance. Let us get you on target with more consistency and accuracy...your day on the range just got better! Give us a call today...

           DURACOAT® / CERAKOTE™


Total Gun Service, LLC offers the best in DuraCoat® / Cerakote™ firearm finishing! We offer more than just a simple color change. We offer you a custom finish to your firearm. Let your mind take over and come up with a design or work with our gunsmiths to design a truly unique finish to your firearm. Challenge us, we love to meet or exceed your expections! Give us a call today...



Having your scope professionally mounted is very important. Especially, if you want to get that round exactly on target (EOT) every time in the fewest rounds possible. Remember, this isn't just mounting your scope and tighting a few bolts or screws. This is a critical service.  Let us get you set up and EOT every time...



Sights are a very important part of all firearms no matter the size or caliber! We install many different sights and will help you choose what will work best for you. Come on in and see what we can do for you. Our goal is to get you on target faster and better...every time! 

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